Post Classification

In line with the Rule 102.1, Posts in the Secretariat shall be classified into three categories and eighteen grades/levels as follow:

(i)   The Director Category
    D-1 : Director
(ii)   The Professional Category comprises the following levels:
    P-4, P-3, P-2 and P-1
(iii)   The General Service Category comprises the following levels:
    G-7a, G-7b, G-6a, G-6b, G-5a, G-5b, G4a, G-4b, G-3a, G-3b, G-2a, G-2b and G-1

The Position Classification Guide was approved by the Council through referendum in 2000.  The renamed posts and the new post were approved later by the SEAMEO Council through referendum during non-SEAMEC Year 2018. 

  1. Position Classification Guide for Professional Service Staff 
  2. Position Classification Guide for General Service Staff