Salary Loan and Special Loan



          All members of the Secretariat are eligible to apply for a Salary Loan and Special Loan to support their financial requirements for the followings:
  1. Expenses relating to housing such as purchase, hire purchase, lease, renovation etc.
  2. Purchase of vehicle, furniture and fixture and other household durable equipment.
  3. Education or tuition fee of the staff members attending seminar, workshop and training course for degree or non-degree programme.


Availablility of Loan

Salary Loan

Salary Loan Document 

A loan equivalent to one month salary may be made to a staff member with the authorization of the SEAMEO Secretariat Director or his Deputy Directors.

Special Loan

Special Loan Document
  1. Professional Staff

The amount of Special Loan shall not exceed one-month salary of the staff member concerned.

  1. General Service Staff

The amount of Special Loan shall not exceed two-month salary of a staff who has at least two more years to complete his/her term of service and the amount equivalent to one-month salary of a staff who has at least one more year to complete his/her term of service.



  1. Salary loan shall be recovered over a period not exceeding twelve months on monthly installment basis against a staff member monthly salary.
  2. A One-month Special Loan shall be effected over a period not exceeding 12 months.
  3. A two-month Special Loan shall be effected over a period not exceeding 24 months.
  4. The recovery of one-month and two-month Special Loan shall be made on monthly installment basis, deducted against his/her monthly salary for the period not exceed twelve months and twenty-four months respectively.
  5. The interest rate payable on the loan shall be fixed at the beginning of each fiscal year by Finance Division, based on current interest rate earned on fixed deposits with the commercial banks. If there is any revision of interest rate payable on the loan due to major fluctuation or market rate during the fiscal year, the new rate will be applied only to a new loan.

Effective from 1 January 2002, the interest rate for Special Loan in Baht is 2.75% p.a. and in US$ is 1.50% p.a. 

  1. Interest charge shall be applied from the next day of the date when loan is granted.
  2. The monthly balance of individual loan is used for the calculation of interest charge for the remaining period of the loan.
  3. If the staff member concerned is to be separated from the organization, in any case, the outstanding loan shall be recovered in full before actual separation, by deducting against his/her salary or emolument as deemed appropriate.


Application and Approval

          The application form for Salary Loan or Special Loan shall be duly completed and be submitted to the Director for approval through the Head of Division for comments and Deputy Director (Administration and Communication) for recommendation. In the absence of the Director for a period longer than one month, the Deputy Director on the recommendation of Deputy Director (Administration and Communication) is authorized to grant the approval. In the absence of the Deputy Director (Administration and Communication), the Personnel Advisory Committee is entitled to give recommendation to the Director.