Standard Translation Rate

represents the rate of foreign exchange of a particular Member Country's currency against one US dollar which is set by SEAMEO Secretariat and used in accounting for its financial transactions with each of the regional centres/projects. The use of standard translation rate enables SEAMEO Secretariat to avoid problems involved in accounting for foreign exchange transactions and facilitates the consolidation of all Centres'/Projects' account, which are maintained in various local currencies.


 SEAMEO Countries  Currencies SEAMEO Translation
Rate Per US$ 1 
Effective 1 July 2019
SEAMEO Translation
Rate Per US$ 1 
Effective 1 Oct 2019
Brunei Darussalam Brunei Dollar 1.35 1.35
Cambodia Riel 4,000 4,000
Indonesia Rupiah 14,200 14,200
Lao PDR Kip 8,500 8,700
Malaysia Malaysian Dollar 4.00 4.15
Myanmar Kyat 1,500 1,500
Phillippines Peso 51.75 52.00
Singapore Singapore $ 1.35 1.35
Thailand Baht 31.25 30.25
Vietnam Dong 23,200 23,200


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