With reference to the payment of per diem, of which 60% is paid to the assigned staff to support the accommodation cost under the approved official mission. In this relation, after the trip, each staff has to submit immediately the original official receipt to Finance Division for further actions in order to facilitate the keeping of accounting records for auditing purpose.

Please be informed that the original receipt of the shared room may be accepted with the clarification and approval from Finance Manager. In this view, the savings arises from sharing room has to be returned to finance division and vice versa. The excess payment of accommodation cost over the per diem can be reimbursed from the office.

Your attention and cooperation in this matter is appreciated.




Gatot Hari Priowirjanto



Date           :  16 June 2017

Distribution  :  All Staff Members

File  :  Submission of the original official receipt for Per Diem Allowance