1. Request Procedure

  • The corporate credit card shall be used solely for expenditure in item 2 and after obtaining approval from the Director.
  • SEAMES’s staff who was assigned by the Director, hereinafter referred to as “the cardholder” for travel on the mission and responsible for the expenses of the SEAMEO Secretariat shall receive the corporate credit card from Finance Manager before travelling and shall promptly return it to Finance Manager after the mission is completed.


2. Type of Expenditure

      Any expenditures of SEAMEO Secretariat that need to be paid by online payment or credit card, such as:

  • Travel expenses e.g. airline tickets, hotel bills, car rentals;
  • Meeting package of Programme/Project/Activity; and
  • IT expenses e.g. computer software, license, computer hardware and its peripherals

      No other purchases shall be allowed to use the corporate credit card without prior obtaining approval from the Director. Cash withdrawal from corporate credit card is not allowed.


3. Cardholder’s Responsibilities

      The cardholder is allowed to use the corporate credit card only for SEAMEO Secretariat’s purpose with the following regulations:

  • The cardholder is responsible for the security by safeguarding the PIN and store the card in a safe place;
  • The Corporate credit card cannot be used for personal purchase;
  • In case of lost or stolen credit card, it is the cardholder’s responsibility to notify the lost or stolen credit card to Finance Manager immediately;
  • If any liabilities arise from lost or stolen card, the cardholder is responsible for making payment to the credit card issuer directly. The cardholder is also responsible for paying the re-issuing fee for a new card; and
  • The cardholder must be fully responsible for any problems arising from use of the card for any purchases of unauthorized SEAMES’s staff or grantees who are not a cardholder.


4. Credit Card Utilization

  • When the corporate credit card is used by online payment, Finance Manager will provide one-time password (OTP) to the cardholder.


5. Limits on Expenditure

  • The amount of payment to be paid by corporate credit card shall be limited to the maximum amount specified on the Internal Memorandum approved by the Director.


6. Required Supporting Documents

  • The cardholder shall obtain necessary documents, such as hotel receipts, airline tickets, boarding passes, and receipts of authorized expenses etc., for submission to Finance Department to support the charges paid by the corporate credit card.


Your attention and co-operation in this matter is highly appreciated.




Ethel Agnes Pascua-Valenzuela



Date              :  6 March 2020

Distribution  :  All Staff Members

File               :  SEAMEO Secretariat Corporate Credit Card Guideline