The following selection procedures and guidelines will be applied for the nomination of the 2020/2021 SEAMEO Service Awardee. The general guidelines for the Award preparation and consideration are listed as follows:

1. Type and Category of Award
The 2020/2021 SEAMEO Service Award is open only for Individual Category.

2. Awards and Honours Granted
The recipient of the SEAMEO Service Award from each SEAMEO Unit will be granted the Plaque of Appreciation which will be presented at the SEAMEO Council
Conference. Awardees will be invited to attend a meeting conducted by the SEAMEO Secretariat during the Conference to share and exchange their
experiences in working with SEAMEO and to contribute ideas on how to make SEAMEO better in fulfilling its vision and mission. The awardees will also be
required to present their own profiles relating to their achievements.

In addition to the Plaque of Appreciation and the seminar, study visit will be arranged for the awardees. Names of all Service Awards’ recipients will be posted in
the SEAMEO Website.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Education, Singapore has decided to organise the 51 st SEAMEO Council Conference in virtual platform in June
2021. The Award recipients will be announced during the 51st SEAMEO Council Conference whereas the Awarding Ceremony and the study visit will then be held
during the 44th SEAMEO High Officials Meeting in November 2021 in Bangkok.

3. Nomination of Candidates
3.1 The staff members who are eligible for nomination must be the current and full-time staff with at least 2 years of service with the SEAMEO Secretariat.
3.2 Nomination of candidates may be made by any staff member of the SEAMEO Secretariat or the immediate supervisor of the nominee.
3.3 Self nomination is acceptable.
3.4 A written nomination in the nomination/application form must be completed and submitted to the Director by 31 March 2021.
3.5 Each nomination must be seconded by at least three staff members who should well represent the various Departments/Divisions/Units of the SEAMEO Secretariat.

4. Criteria for Selection
The recipient of the SEAMEO Service Awards will be selected based on the demonstrated abilities in one or more of the following areas:
4.1 Introduction or improvement of professionalism, management or administrative practice that enhances the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of service of the SEAMEO Unit’s operation; and
4.2 Implement of programmes and activities with concrete results and sustainable impacts;
4.3 Introduction of measure, creativity or innovative changes that lead to better quality of life or service, greater productivity and/or cost-effectiveness;
4.4 Work commitment and exemplary service beyond the requirement of his or her duties.

5. Selection Procedure
5.1 The SEAMEO Service Award Selection Committee will be appointed by the Director to consider and review the nominations based on established
indicators and criteria, then submit its recommendation for the selection of Service Award recipient to the Director for final decision.
5.2 In the case there is no nomination or no qualified nominee, the SEAMEO Secretariat may decide not to proclaim the Award.
5.3 Announcement of Award recipient will be made by 30 April 2021.
As the SEAMEO Service Award is determined to enhance the productivity and improvement of our organization, everyone is, therefore, encouraged to
participate in the activity.


Date :            24 February 2021
Distribution :  All staff members by e-mail

File:               Nomination of the 2020/2021 SEAMEO Service Awardee

                     SEAMES Nomination Form