These internal databases are a systematically arranged collection of data, structured so that it can be retrieved or manipulated for management efficiency as well as an information tool. For security purpose, some databases require User name and password. The databases with brief description and responsible staff are: 

  • Contact DB (ES/ ERO) : Names, addresses and type of publications to be sent by the Secretariat, for information and printing labels. 
  • File Management (AAD) : Record of incoming/outgoing documents and digital filing.
    Note: For uploading the confidential documents, it is subject to the consideration and authorization of the respective Head of Unit.
  • GB Members (SAC) : Record of Governing Board Members & their terms of office
  • Property DB (AAP) : Records of office equipment, vehicles, etc.
  • Staff DB (AAP/ SA) : Information on staff contract and other personal/official data.