Flow of Documents

Incoming Documents

  1. All incoming documents/letters/email to SEAMEO Secretariat are channeled to Director or OIC for instructions or actions.
  2. Classifying the incoming documents and channeling it to the Director or OIC shall be firstly done by AAD.
  3. For recording purpose, the incoming email (official matters) addressed directly to the staff concerned should be forwarded to Secretariat e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for registration.

Kindly refer to the attached flowchart for incoming documents.

Outgoing Documents

Outgoing documents/letters/email from SEAMEO Secretariat as the responses or the replying letters should follow the following procedures.  Kindly refer to the attached flowchart for outgoing documents.

Kindly refer to the attached flowchart for outgoing documents

  1. Officer concerned prepares draft letters, email and documents.
  2. Needs clearance from Deputy Director concerned and/or Director.
  3. The finalized letters will then be signed by Director, Deputy Director or OIC.
  4. The Director or Deputy Directors may instruct other staff to act on or response on his/her behalf.
  5. For recording and filing purposes, all out going e-mail correspondences concerning official matters dealt directly by the staff concerned should get the reference number through Filing System, then the Secretary and/or AAD could process necessary action. If the out-going e-mail/mail do not have reference no. the hard copy might be given to AAD for filing but might not be able to search in Filing System,.

The link for Filing System: