Funds used by SEAMEO Centres/Network and SEAMEO Secretariat can be categorized as Capital Funds, Operating Funds, Special Funds, Other Funds and Unallocated Funds.The details and the objectives of each fund are described as follows:


Capital Funds

          This item represents funds which are used to finance the acquisition or construction of fixed assets, namely: land, buildings, furniture and equipment, library materials, leasehold improvements and other property and equipment necessary for the operations of SEAMEO Centres/Network and SEAMEO Secretariat.


Operating Funds

          This item represents funds which are used for ordinary expenses relating to the general administration of the SEAMEO Centres/Network and SEAMEO Secretariat.  As SEAMEO headquarters, SEAMEO Secretariat shall allocate not more than 10% of total Operational Budget to Special Activities/Projects as approved by the SEAMEO Secretariat' director.


Special Funds

          This item is provided for the support of Training and Research Scholarships, Governing Board Meetings, Seminars and Conferences and Personnel Exchanges under regular programmes of SEAMEO Centres/Network.


Other Funds

          This item represents funds received from donors to support activities of the SEAMEO Centres/Network and SEAMEO Secretariat which are not included in the regular budget.


Unallocated Funds

          This item represents funds received from donors or earned as income which have not been identified as the above mentioned funds.


Sources of Funds of SEAMEO Secretariat

          The Operating Cost of SEAMEO Secretariat is supported by the following sources of funds:
      1. Annual Contribution from Member Countries based on the   approved Contribution Index.
      2. Membership Fee from Associate Member and Affiliate Member.
      3. Income from Investment on fund not in immediate use.
      4. Income Generating Activities through administrative cost of projects and publications.


Associate Membership Contribution

          The Associate Membership Contribution to SEAMEO Secretariat is the annual contribution from the six SEAMEO Associate Members, namely Australia, Canada, France, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Netherlands and New Zealand to SEAMEO Secretariat to be utilized according to the approved guidelines.

           The guidelines for the utilization of the Associate Membership Contribution to SEAMEO Secretariat are follows:
      1. To cover additional expenses arising from liaison work with Associate Members;
      2. To meet the costs of certain unbudgeted activities for which, normally, special grants are sought by the Secretariat;
      3. To supplement the costs of promotional activities such as fund-raising and publications;
      4. To support specific regular programmes and activities of Centres and Projects for which Special Funds are not available or adequate;
      5. To support special programmes or activities of the Organization,     subject to prior acceptance of the Associate Members.


Affiliate Membership Contribution

          Affiliate Membership contribution to SEAMEO Secretariat is the annual contribution from ICDE. The guidelines for utilizing Associate Membership contribution shall be applied mutatis mutandis to Affiliate Membership contribution.


Thailand Additional Contribution
          Thailand's Additional Contribution was the annual contribution from the Government of Thailand over and above Thailand's annual membership contribution according to the agreed contribution index for Member Countries' Contribution to SEAMEO Secretariat Operational Budget up to FY 1996/1997.
          The guidelines for utilization of Thailand' Additional Contribution are read as follows:
    1. To meet salaries of additional local staff members not included in the regular budget of SEAMEO Secretariat;
    2. To meet cost of maintenance and improvement of the SEAMEO Secretariat office;
    3. To purchase additional office equipment and vehicles not included in the regular budget of SEAMEO Secretariat;
    4. To support projects and activities of SEAMEO as initiated and approved by the Government of Thailand on a case to case basis.

          Due to the economic situation, the Government of Thailand decided to cease the additional financial assistance to SEAMEO Secretariat since FY 1997/1998.


 SEAMEO Educational Development Fund (SEAMEO SEDF)

          The SEAMEO EDF was set up as a repository of contributions to SEAMEO to support the Special Funds requirements of Regional Centres and Projects with a view to attain financial independence.

          The SEAMEO EDF has two components, namely:

    1. Endowment Funds, the interest derived from which is expected  eventually to finance Special Funds requirements on a permanent   basis;
    2. Fundsfor immediate use, to cover requirements while the Endowment Fund is being established and to  accommodate on a permanent basis, donors who may not wish to contribute to the Endowment Fund.


Guidelines for SEAMEO EDF :
    1. To support the Special Funds Requirements of regular programmes and activities of SEAMEO Centres, which cover nine components of activities, namely:
      • 1.1 Training and Research Scholarships;
      • 1.2 Seminars and Special Conferences;
      • 1.3 Personnel Exchanges;
      • 1.4 Governing Board Meetings;
      • 1.5 Research Fellowships and Grants;
      • 1.6 Project Feasibility Studies;
      • 1.7 SEAMEO Students Exchange Programme;
      • 1.8 Research and Development (R&D) Projects in Education, Science and Culture; and
      • 1.9 Annual Awards given by SEAMEO-Donors to outstanding  personnel in various categories in the fields of Education,  Science and Culture in Southeast Asia.
      1. To support the Other Funds requirements, which cover specific activities/projects that are not subsidized by regular SEAMEO Capital, Operating and Special Funds. This will give the SEAMEO Member and Associate Member Countries an opportunity to create a Special Project/Programme with SEAMEO, as well as a contribution to SEAMEO EDF for the support of such Special Project/Programme.


The SEAMEO EDF consists of the following:

    1. Tied Funds

      Tied Funds will receive first priority to be allocated to all SEAMEO Centres and TROPMED Central Office in line with terms and conditions laid down by Donors and stipulated by the MOU.

    1. Untied Funds

      Untied Funds contributed by all donors are lumped together and allocated to meet the remaining requirements of Special funds (1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4) after being met by Tied Funds.