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In late August 2006 the UNESCO Bangkok Director and the Chief of IKM initiated a review of the current publication procedure with a view to standardizing and streamlining the steps involved in creating UNESCO Bangkok publications. The review consisted of interviewing key players in the publication procedure from each unit, Publication Services and Administration. By gaining an understanding of how each unit approaches publications, including their concerns and suggestions, the procedure has been improved in such a way that should be endorsed by all.

The 2006 revised publication procedure applies to all UNESCO Bangkok publications that appear in print, digital or electronic form as listed below.

Meeting/workshop/conference/seminar reports and proceedings,
Research studies/reports,
Films (script, story board and production),
Radio scripts,
Scholarly papers,
Press releases,
Posters and panels,
Press kits,
Pamphlets, and

Support Information

  1. Summary Report of the Interviews (pdf, 33KB)
    A compilation of answers, feedback and suggestions from the interviews.
  2. Roles and Responsibilities in the Publication Procedure (pdf, 56KB)
    A detailed outline of who does what in the publication procedure.
  3. Work Flow (pdf, 133KB)
    A graphical representation of the steps in the publication procedure.


  1. Publication Procedures Tracking (PPT) Form (pdf, 77KB)
    A form that tracks all required approvals and administration steps in the publication procedure.
  2. Six Point Plan of Publication Concept (pdf, 24KB)
    A short summary of the purpose, target, and proposed format of the publication.
  3. Internal Unit Checklist (Optional) (pdf, 66KB)
    An informal tracking form for each stage of publication development.

External Contributors Information

  1. Publication Contribution Guidelines (pdf, 62KB)
    An information sheet to be attached to all contracts and distributed to all parties that may contribute a publication.
  2. UNESCO Bangkok Style Guide (pdf, 3.2MB)
    A detailed guide to UNESCO Bangkok requirements for referencing, language, spelling, punctuation etc.
  3. Permissions Request (pdf, 33KB)
    A letter to owners of images and intellectual property requesting permission to include their work in UNESCO publications.
  4. Permissions Template (pdf, 35KB)
    template of the letter required from the owners of work to be included in UNESCO publications to grant permission.
  5. Conference Paper Letter (pdf, 24KB)
    A letter requesting authors of conference papers that may be published in compilation reports to share their copyright with UNESCO Bangkok.
  6. Licence to Publish Agreement (pdf, 50KB)
    An agreement between the author of conference papers and UNESCO Bangkok as the publisher of conference reports to share copyright.

UNESCO Bangkok welcomes enquires about the procedures. If the Guidelines are used/adapted/forwarded etc, please include an acknowledgement such as:

These Guidelines were prepared by Tamara Brawn, AYAD, for the UNESCO Asia & Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, Bangkok. Enquiries can be sent to Clive Wing, Chief, IKM, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Download "UNESCO Publication Procedures", complete document (zip, 1.8MB)