With effect from 1 September 2018, the temporary staff whose appointment is for six-month period shall be granted the following leave and insurance entitlements:

  • Leave with Pay
    Leave with pay shall be granted to the temporary staff at the rate of one working day for each calendar month of service.  The leave with pay may be accumulated, but must be used within the period of his/her service contract.
  • Personal Accident Insurance
    Personal Accident Insurance including medical treatment hospitalization according to the Insurance Company Policy shall be provided to the temporary staff. 
  • Medical Expenses
    The temporary staff may claim for the reimbursement of his/her medical expenses due to treatment of sickness up to THB 3,000 for each six-month service contract.  The remaining amount of medical expense entitlement cannot be carried forward to the next service contract.
  • Time in Lieu
    The temporary staff who needs to work longer hours or extra days may take time in lieu, but subject to the consideration of his/her immediate supervisor and approval of the Directorate.